Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trivia, as Titanic Sinks

On network television and the mass media, the political debate in these last hours of the primary season has been typified by the argument made by Kevin Kamenetz in his commefcials as he tries to win the Baltimore County Executive position over his opponent Councilman Joe Bartenfelder. His attacks suggest that Bartenfelder voted for his salary to be increased going back to 1997. I believe it is time to tell Kamenetz that how Bartenfelder voted on a County Council salary increase in 1997 is completely irrelevant and absurd as the basis for who to choose between the two candidates.

Unfortunately, these type of issues have become the substance of what the public is supposed to decide on.

As the general economy continues to flounder like an oversized ship in tempestous seas while trillions of dollars are spent to recover the economy, Kamenetz's major point is to talk about issues with little relevance to the plight and needs of our community as a whole and those who need the empowerment that comes from sound economic thinking in particular.

The fact of the matter is that the prime issues and needs of the country and this County are for solutions relative to economic recovery and methods by which communities which have been locked out can be empowered. Sadly, most politicians have no idea and are completely ignorant of any sound economic practices and policies and have therefore reduced the discussion to the ridiculous, arguing about trivialities as the Titanic sinks.

On the basis of trivial thinking, one should vote for Bartenfelder, a farmer who at least knows how to grow things over Kamenetz, a lawyer whose job it is to twist truth for advantage.

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